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True BLACK Doorbell Button


True is a black doorbell button that bridges the gap between modern and traditional design. An all-metal push button is surrounded by a thin halo of LED-illuminated color, which also reflects against the mounting surface.

Designed to fit well with residences built from 1900 on, True comes in several finishes and three illumination colors, as well as a non-illuminated option.

The black True doorbell button has an architectural anodized satin finish that won't fade. This finish matches well with black and oil-rubbed hardware finishes. It also provides a great contrast to other door hardware finishes such as brass or stainless steel.

Substantial in feel but narrow in diameter, True mounts well to narrow doorjambs and other tight applications.

Click HERE for a non-illuminated version of True.

Design: Ted Pierson, 2009. Patents apply.

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